REF 2021 Nominations Form


Introduction and guidance

Any association or organisation with a clear interest in the conduct, quality, funding or wider benefits of publicly funded research may make nominations to the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021 expert panels, except for university mission groups, individual higher education institutions (HEIs) or groups within or subsidiaries of individual HEIs, who are not able to make nominations.

Guidance on the information required for each nominee is available at Annex E of the publication ‘Roles and recruitment of expert panels’ (REF 2017/03). This document also contains information on the panel structure, the roles, responsibilities and workload of panel members and the criteria for appointment.

Up to twenty nominations at one time can be made using this online form. There is no limit on the number of individuals that each body can nominate and we would encourage nominating bodies to consider a wide range of individuals to cover the full breadth of their research interests. Simply start a new form when you have more nominations to submit. 

However, if you have a large number of nominations that you would prefer to submit in one go, please email to arrange this.

How we will use the information provided

The REF team, on behalf of the four funding bodies, will use the information provided in this form to process nominations, to enable the selection of nominees for appointment (either in 2018, or in 2020 for the assessment phase) and to notify nominees of the outcome of the nominations process. We will use the email address provided for each nominee to confirm their nomination and to invite them to complete an anonymous equal opportunities monitoring form that will enable the funding bodies to consider the diversity of the nominations pool. 

In general we expect that candidates nominated to be sub-panel members at this stage, but not appointed in 2018, would also be considered as potential sub-panel members or assessors at the next round of appointments.  During 2020 we will also invite a further round of nominations for sub-panel members and assessors.